1. The First Step – where it all began, with a walk through the city
  2. The Painted Hall, Greenwich
  3. London’s Wild Heart – the more peculiar fauna of the city
  4. The Ghosts of the Underground – the ghost stations of the tube network
  5. Speakeasy Made Easy – BYOC, the supply-your-own-booze speakeasy bar
  6. The Unfinished Portrait of Bankside Gallery – an exhibition on the life and work of Agatha Christie
  7. Inside the Horniman Museum
  8. Hole-in-One-a-Saurus – Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf, New Malden
  9. Seeing the Sights – how to see all the major tourist sights in London on one walk
  10. The Meaning of London – history and etymology of London place names
  11. Tipping the Velvet in Hammersmith – play review
  12. Present & Correct at The Fable – stationery shop and book bar
  13. The Play That Goes Wrong Is So Right – play review
  14. Lest We Forget – the Cenotaph and Remembrance Sunday
  15. A Rather Blustery Day – the tornadoes and hurricanes of London

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