About Me

Good morning/afternoon/evening, delete as applicable.

So pleased you could join me in my trek around, over, under and through London. Though not a Londoner myself, it’s where a significant part of my heart resides. I went to university here, and have been a frequent visitor for somewhere between a quarter century and three decades.

The name is Michael, and I’m a novelist, blogger, retail manager, drinker, Piscean, Gryffindor, and repository of useless information on everything from archaeology to zoology, but with a particular fondness for stats about London. Did you know that there’s only one tube station with a one-syllable name? And that the city’s statue of Peter Pan technically doesn’t exist? Or that the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is an annual gift from Norway? Now you do. And I’ve got plenty more where that came from.

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